Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 19 - Hominids

Today is the 19th day of school. When we came in, we did not work on morning work, but we did do some problems on the computer from our Bits and Pieces math book. Then, we worked on our power points. Once break rolled around, we all got up, and we ate our snacks. Then, we sat back down, and we worked more on our power points. Actually, we finished them. Then we got to play Lure the Labyrinth. We all got hooked on it. But sadly, we had to go to Library, so we did. But when we came back, we got to start some science.

Then, we went to lunch/recess. And today is Friday, so you know what that means. FRIDAY GAME DAY!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH NOT!!! Yeah, we were all talking, so we DIDN’T get to play. It really sucked. But, I guess we did learn our lesson. So, anyway, we came back, and we corrected our PC, and then we started on the real math lesson. In math, we worked on reading and writing fractions and decimals. Then, we moved right into Social Studies. We learned about hominids. Then, we packed up and went home for a long relaxing weekend!

Read and Record 30 minutes,
PC Day 19
BPI p.47#19-24
Bonus 52 &53