Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 12-Confrence Grading

Welcome to the 12th day of school. When the bell rang at nine we all hurried into class to start our day. When we got into class we started our normal day…or as normal as being in Mr. Steele’s class can get. When we were done with our morning work and got checked off and then we got our netbooks. When the clock rang at 10:30, we took our break and ate snack. At 10:40 we hopped back in our seats and continued our day. After break, we started our conference papers, and we graded ourselves. Ha-ha, who’s the teacher NOW! Anyway…we graded ourselves. Then we went to music, and we watched a Bach video. When we came back, we finished grading ourselves. Then we went to lunch/recess. When we came back, we began math, and we corrected our homework. Then we worked on circles…WOW! Then we packed up and went home, since it was a half day.

Read and Record 30 minutes,
CS p.73 a and b 5 objects,
Day 12 PC