Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 04 - Shakespeare

Today is the 4th day of school in Mr. Steele’s 6th grade class! The day started with morning work, and then we jumped right in to writing our stories on the computers. At 11:15 a.m., we headed down to the library for our first library lesson. Ms. Joseph had us working on the computers and creating our passwords for the Juanita El Catalog Destiny page. After library time, we headed back to the classroom and had our first Social Studies lesson. We worked on maps, for the 25 minutes we had!

Then, we all walked up to the lunch room to put some food in our stomachs. Following lunch, we had recess, everyone’s favorite part of the day. Recess consisted of sports, tag, and hanging out with friends. But unfortunately, everything good has to come to an end. So recess ended, and we all ran back to class. So, we started the academics with math, working on the math lesson called “Bits and Pieces”. We worked on division, story problems, and fractions. Right after math, Mr. Steele gave us 10 minutes to finish up our reading assessment. To wrap up the day, we watched a movie about Shakespeare and discussed his plays. The purpose was to get us ready for the Shakespeare play later this year. Well, that’s what happened today in Mr. Steele’s 6th grade class. Until Monday

Reading 30 Minutes
Reading Record
Practice Counts Day 4
Bits and Pieces I
P. 12 #1, 18, 20
Bonus #21

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