Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 11-Scientific Microscopes

Welcome to the 11th day of school. When the clock struck 9:00 a.m., we scurried in and got “crack a lackin” on morning work. We answered the 4 usual questions for math, science, social studies, and reading, and then when we got checked off by Mr. Steele, we got onto the computers and we answered the science questions, finished the mummy story, worked on Name Art, or we just read our book. After we finished that, we had our nice, ten minute break. Then, Mr. Steele told us to close the computers and get out our science items. So we did. In science, we got to work with the microscopes. It was very cool to see the items that we put underneath the scientific devices. After science, we went down to P.E. to continue the bike unit. This week we got to ride the bikes with a “team”. Then we came back from P.E., and we did some more science. Then we went to lunch/recess. When we came back from recess, we ended science, we got started on math, and we worked with a new book called Covering and Surrounding. In that book, we worked on circles, perimeter, and area. Then we moved into Language Arts. We read our “Hatchet” story, and then we packed up and left the classroom for the day.

Read and Record 30 minutes,
covering and surrounding p.78 #1 -3 +47
Bonus 2+4,
PC Day 11