Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 17-Fire Drill Frenzy

Today is the 17th day of school. When we came in, we all did morning work, then we moved on to finishing our Name Art, and we worked on our presentations for conferences. Then, we moved into break at 10:30 sharp, and we ate. Then, we worked more on our presentation, and all of a sudden, we heard a loud DING!!!! It was our very first fire drill. It scared all of us so badly, that we all jumped an inch right out of our seats! So, we lined up, and we went outside on the bottom field, where we all go if there is a real fire. But fortunately, the fire drill was just practice. Then, we came back and worked more on our presentations for the conferences. Then, we went to music. When we all came back, we did a social studies assessment, and then we went to lunch.

Then, we came back. Since it was a Wednesday, we only had 1 hour left of school. So, we came in, and we finished our assessments, and then, we worked on a workbook from a no-drug company called the Red Ribbon. Then, we graded our assessment, and then we packed up and went home.

Read 30 minutes and Reading Record
Practice Counts Day 17
Additional Practice Packet page 20