Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 13-Math Day

Today was the 13th day of school. When we came in, we quickly unpacked, and we began our morning work. After we finished our usual questions, we logged on to the laptops, and we work on the Hatchet questions. Then, we had break and we ate snack. After break, the 25 of us got cracking on math. In math we worked on multiplying pi. Then, we went down to the gym, and had our last day of bike unit. Then, after P.E., we headed back to the classroom, and got started on Social Studies. In Social Studies, we learned about what archeologists, historians, and geographers do. Then, when the bell rang 3 times at 12:25, we all ran down to the lunchroom. When we finished eating, we went outside to recess. Then, when we came back inside, we worked on some MORE math! Ugggggh! Mr. Steele did say we had to do 2 math lessons today…………….Anyway, in math, we worked on equivalent fractions. We also took a quick science check up quiz to see how we are doing and read a story about courage which we will finish tomorrow.

Read 30 minutes and Reading Record
PC Day 13
BP1 p. 28 #4-11
Bonus #59-64