Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 15 - Reading Interview

Today to the 15th day of school. Welcome back from our 2 day weekend break! When we came in the classroom, we all got started on morning work, then we hit the computers and either did some questions for Hatchet, questions for Courage in the News, or we did Name Art. All of a sudden, Mr. Steele told us to close our “lids” to our computers, and he told us we had to take a reading interview. At 10:30, we had break, and we ate snack. After break, we got back on the computers, and we kept on working on the reading interview. After everyone finished the reading assignment, we went to music. Then we came back and we all graded ourselves on subjects to share with parents at our conferences.

Then, we went to lunch/recess. After that, we came back in, and started correcting our Practice Counts. Then, we started on fractions. After math, we went right into reading, and we worked on a detail chart. Then, we did 1 more thing, and that was...