Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 14-Jag-a-thon

Today is the 14th day of school. When the school bell rang over our voices outside, we all came in and got to work. We started the day off with some morning work involving circumferences, and diameter, science and social studies, and reading. Then we got onto the computers, and worked on an article that we read yesterday. Then we had to go and answer the questions about the article. Then, we had our break, and we moved right into science. We worked with the microscopes…again. But today, we got to look at our mini ponds, and we got to look at bacteria. FUN! After science, we walked down to the Library, and worked on our Destiny Catalog thingy majiger…………Ms. Joseph never really gave us the name of the assignment. Anyway, after Library, we went back up to the classroom, and we began Social Studies. In this subject, we pretended that our classroom was a cave, and we had to go in and look for artifacts.

Then, we went to lunch/recess. Today is Friday, so you know what that means! It was Game Day!!! We got to play capture the flag. But when the bell sadly rang, we all had to go in and continue working on the cave social studies project. Then, we worked on math and benchmark fractions. After math, we had to go to an assembly for the Jag-A-Thong. Yep, it is that time of year again, folks! After the assembly, we went back to the classroom and did one last question on math. When Mr. Steele told us to pack up, wwe happily did, and we went home. We have survived our 3rd week in Mr. Steele’s classroom.

Read and Record 30 minutes,
PC Day 14,
BPI p.28 #12-23
Bonus #65-69