Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 16 – Elodea Cells

Today is the 16th day of school. When the bell rang we all hurried into the classroom to start our day. We started with our normal routine and did our morning work. After we got checked off by Mr. Steele or Ms. McCreary, we got our netbooks and worked on name art, or hatchet questions, or our reading interview. After we worked on those things we started a power point for conferences. When the clock showed 10:30 we took our break. When it was 10:40 we went back to our seats, we continued to work on our power points. At about 11:19 we went down to P.E. After P.E. we put our netbooks away for the moment and set some goals that the parents will hear about at conferences.

After that, we went to lunch/recess. When our tummies were full and our energy was run down the bell rang, and we went back to class. When we got back to class we docked our netbooks and did some math. We worked on some more fractions. Then, we worked on a quiz working on describing and read our independent book. Afterwards we did some science and looked a seaweeds leafs. At 3:27 we packed our things and got prepared to leave.

read 30 minutes and reading record,
practice count day 16,
AP pg.19