Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 08 – Midsummer Night’s Dream

Today is the 8th day of school. We came in at 9:00 a.m., and then we started our morning work. After Mr. Steele checked us off, we went and got our computers from the locker outside of the classroom. Then we got to work on name art for a little bit, and then we had our break. At 10:40, we were all in our seats waiting to continue the academics. Mr. Steele let us watch an animated version of the Midsummer Night’s Dream, but he told us it wouldn’t be as good as the actual thing. This was probably true. Once 11:20 rolled around, we lined up for P.E., with our helmets in hand. When we arrived at the gym, we got the bikes ready, and we went outside. We were able to do the snail race, scan race, and the figure 8. When we came back to the classroom, we observed our vials, and we worked on our maps for S.S. Then the bell struck 12:25, and went to lunch/recess. When we came back inside, we started on Math. We worked with thermometers. Then we had Language Arts where Mr. Steele read us a story about friendship. Then we cleaned the room for Curriculum Night, then we packed up, and went home.

Read 30 minutes and Record
Practice Counts Day 8
Bits and Pieces P.12 #13-17 and 19---Bonus 37