Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 03 - Living v. Non Living

Today was the 3rd day of school, and boy did we do a lot. When we walked in, we all unpacked and started on our morning work. Then, like any other day, we got on our computers and started working on our essay for what we did this summer. After that, we had our ten minute snack/break. We came back, and started cracking on science. We put things into 3 different categories. Living, nonliving things, and undecided things. When the clock turned to 11:15, we headed down to P.E., since it was Thursday. In P.E., we had to take the pre-test for the bike unit, and then we got to watch the old school video we watch EVERY YEAR. Yippee! But, like any other student, we had to get over it. So we did, and we got through it, and we turned out ok. Anyway, we came back from P.E., and we finished up science.

Then, it was time for lunch, so we scurried down to the lunch room, and ate our food. Then we went out to recess, and we did our own thing. When the bell rang, we went back to the classroom, and then we started math. We worked on prime factorization, and division. Then Mr. Steele gave us a reading assessment that we worked on for the rest of the day. Then we packed up, and went home.

Reading 30 Minutes
Reading Record
Job Application due tomorrow!
Practice Counts Day 3
Prime Time p.57-58
#14, 19-22, 29, 32

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