Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 09-Capture the Flag

Today is the 9th day of school. When we came in, it was 9:00a.m., and we started the day with morning work. Like any other day, Mr. Steele or Ms. McCreary checked us, and then gave us permission to go and get our computer. Then we started the miraculous and favored name Art. After everyone had begun Name Art, Mr. Steele gave us about 20 minutes and then we had to start science. We discovered what was in our vials. We had sand, yeast, crystals that absorbed water, radish seeds, and…a sea monkey….it was much unexpected. But that’s science, right? When the bell rang at 10:30, we had break. But when the bell rang again at 10:40, we had to go back to our seats. So we began Social Studies. We worked on answering questions about the ancient humans. Then we had to go to library and work on the Destiny homepage and find all the genres of books. After library, we came back in and Mr. Steele explained the rules for Capture the Flag.

Then we all went to lunch, and we ate, and then we went to recess and we played Friday Games. And guess what today’s game was? It was Capture the Flag. So much fun right? Well, it was until someone got stung by a bee. After we came back in from recess, we got started on math. Today in math we took a test so Mr. Steele could check where we were. After math, we read for a little bit, and then we went straight into Language Arts. In Language Arts, we read part of a story. This one was called Hatchet. Once we finished that, we wrote down our homework, and then we packed up and went home.

Read and Record 30 minutes
Practice Counts Day 9