Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 06 - Name Art

Today is the 6th day of school. Like any normal day, we came in and we started working on our morning work. Even though normal days do not exist in Mr. Steele’s classroom, we still came in and got to work. Once we finished with morning work, we turned our computers on, and we continued on Name art. We worked on filling in the white gaps with images we had made at Gimp. Then we had our break at 10:30, and we ate snack. At 10:40, we were all in our seats, and we started on some science. We worked on identifying items, and we put them in vials. Once 11:20 rolled around, we walked down to the gym, and started the bike unit in P.E. At 11:50, we went back to the classroom and finished up science. When the bell rang at 11:25, we walked up to lunch, and we ate, and then went out to recess. When we came back in from the great outdoors, we started in some math, and we worked in partners with thermometers. After math, we did some language arts, and continued with our reading strategies. Then we packed up and went home.