Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 18 - Conference prep

Today is the 18th day of school. When the school bell rang, we all came in and we began morning work. Then, we all went and undocked our computers to continue our presentations for conferences. Then, it was break. We all got up, and we ate snack. Then, at 10:40, we were all back in our seats to continue our presentations. Once 11:15 rolled around, we all lined up, and went to P.E. In P.E., we went outside and did some hurtle, animal pick up, and ladder. Then, we came back in, and Mr. Steele gave us a few more minutes to work on our conference pieces, then we went to lunch.

After recess, we came back in and did a math test. Then we corrected the math test. After math, we moved right into more math. We worked with fractions and decimals. Then, we went right on into Language Arts for 9 minutes! Then we packed, stacked, and vacuumed, and went home.

Read and Record 30 minutes
Pc Day 18
BPI p.47 #1-18
Bonus #51