Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 85- Finn Hill

Today is the 85th day of school. We all hurried in from the cold, and then, we got started on morning work. As we progressed in morning work, Mr. Steele would pull out people to work on questions they missed and needed review on, on the test. Once everyone had finished morning work, we then un-docked the computers, and we worked more on our power point. We have to make them look perfect for the people who put food in our mouth! Then, we worked on some Science. We had to answer some questions on the Grand Canyon and go onto a website to ask questions about the Canyon. Then, we had break. Mr. Steele was very generous, and so we had an extra-long break. It was awesome! Then, we had to dock our computer and head down to Library. After our time with Ms. Joseph, we did math. IN math we learned how to divide decimals. Fun right?! Shortly after we started math we all went down to lunch.

                After we filled our tummies, it was time for……..FRIDAY GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today we played Capture the Flag. Then, we came back to the classroom, and we did RTI. After we finished this short math lesson, we came back and we had a Finn Hill tutorial. That lasted a while, and when we came back, we only had enough time to do one more math lesson, and then we had to leave!


Read and Log 30 minutes,

BP3 p.43 #1-4 #28-29,

PC Day 13