Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 72-The new math book

                Today, it is the 72nd day of school. Since most of us were getting used to the school routine, we all came in quietly. Then, we did math and reading for morning work. Then, we got onto the computers, and we did Tenmarks. It is a math website for school kids. Fun, right? Anyways, we did ten marks, and then we did an opinion thing for Charlotte Doyle. Then, we had break. After break, we came back to our seats and did more of the opinion sheet. Then, we went to music. In music, we practice our MLK thingy. Then, once we came back to our seats, we did some math in our new math book.
                Once the bell rang, we went to lunch/recess.  Once we came back from recess, we did math, and then packed up and went home! 

Read and log, 
BP3 p.13 #1-6 37-38, 
PC Day 1