Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 78 - MLK Jr.

                Today is the 78th day of school. We came in and did morning work. Then, once everyone had finished, we undocked the computers, and we got to work on editing a paragraph Mr. Steele had put together for us. Once we had all finished that, we got to work more on our winter prompt things about what we wanted to change in the world. Then, we had break. So, during break, we tried our best to finish our snacks before ten-forty, and then, once ten-forty had unfortunately rolled around, we came back to our seats, and we worked even more on our winter prompt thingy. Now, I will get to the important stuff. We got to celebrate MLK Jr. Now, don’t be all judge mental, I know his birthday is on Monday, but Thursday worked for everyone,  I guess. So, the five or ten of us who were in the little read aloud, got ready for it, and then we went down to the auditorium. It was fun. We even had a guest speaker! His name was Mr. Viellete, and he had been a Native American in the time of MLK Jr.  He told us about how lucky we were to be sitting with people who were different in many different ways. It was inspiring! But sadly, we had to leave and come back up to the classroom to watch a movie for the time remaining before lunch/recess. How sad. But, we made it to lunch, and then…

                We got to eat and play. But when recess ended, we came back to the classroom and we did RTI. Then, when RTI ended, we came back to the classroom (again) and we watched the rest of the video. Once the video concluded, we did math with Ms. McCreary! O, that took up the rest of the afternoon! Before we knew it, it was time to packup and get out.

Homework: Read and log 30 minutes,

BP3 p.28 Questions #1-6 #34-39