Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 71- Our first day back from Winter Break.

                Today is the 71st day of school! That means of course, that today was our first day back from winter break. All of us so wanted to be here…totally….any who, we came in and we unpacked. Then, we reviewed our math so we could take the math test. Then, we had break. We came back from break and we did some reviewing for science so we can take the test tomorrow. It was exhausting, then, we went to P.E. In P.E., we played popup. It was fun. Then, once we were all settled in the classroom, we did some Social Studies. Then, we had lunch.
                We came back from lunch/recess, and we did RTI. Then, we all arrived once again to our very own classroom, and we did some more science. After this, we got to finish our social studies paper. It was very historical! We got to work on a timeline. Then, we did some reading from big red.  We were reading about the first person to sail from Japan to the great San Fran, CA. Once we finished the story, we packed up and went home.