Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 75

                Today is the 75th day of school. We came in and we did morning work. We then logged onto the computers, and we did some type to learn. Then, we printed and worked more on our opinion paragraphs. Then, we had break! It was an exciting time. Then, we came back to our seats, and we then worked on this one thing for Language Arts. We paraphrased what Mr. Steele wants for you to get a 4, for our grades. Then, we went to music. In music, we learned more Martin Luther King Jr. Then, we came back to our classroom, and we continued the math that we started on Friday. We worked on the charts thingy……anyway, we went to lunch because this thing started ringing and it was coming from the intercom. Hhhhhmmmmmmmm, I wonder what it is…

                After lunch/recess, we came back and we did RTI. Some of us went to Ms. Malloy’s room, some of us stayed in here, and the others went out to the shared space. Then, when RTI ended, we came back to our extra awesome classroom, and we worked more on our math. Then, we got to start a WHOLE new lesson in Social Studies. We got to learn about Ancient China! It was fun because it was something new. Then, we looked more at the periodic table. It was interesting, but confusing. Then, we packed up and went home.


Read and Log 30 minutes,

BP3 p.13, questions #19-22, and #40-44