Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 83-Vision and Hearing

Today is the 83rd day of school. We came in, and we got started right away on morning work. Then, we got on the computers, and we worked on our elements. Then, we did math with Ms. McCreary. Then, we went to a vision and hearing test in the library. We tested our eyes and our ears! Then, we came back and had an extended break. We came back, finished math, and then we went to music. In music, we did a composer, and we finished our cards for Mr. Veillete. Then, we came back to the class, and we talked about bullies and how they have to have their power taken away. Then came lunch.

Today at recess, we had a basketball game. So, some kids play basketball, and others do something else. When recess ended, we came back to the classroom, and since it’s a short way, we only did one thing. That one thing was Social Studies. In Social Studies, we worked on our China Maps. Then, we packed up and went home.
Read and log 30 minutes,
PC Day 10,
BP3 p.28 questions #25, 27-33 & 45 BONUS #50-55