Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 73-Everything about everything!

                Today is the 73rd day of school. We came in and we did morning work. Then, we did our big science test. I can’t say much, but I will say this: It could be one of the most fun tests I have EVER taken. And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t care for science.  Then, since we had been working very hard, we got to have break. Even better, we got to have a thirteen minute break!   Anyway, we came back to our seats, and then finished the test, and we got onto the computers so we could go on Edmodo, and play the math game: Math Mall. It was fun. So, once we started to play that, Mr. Steele broke the news to us. We then had to go to P.E. P.E. was VERY Fun! We got to play pin knock down. Yep, one of the best games ever. But when gym class ended, we came back to the classroom, and we then got to learn about some more science it was complicated, but Mr. Steele told us that it was understandable. It’s called the periodic table! Then, we snapped out of our science trance, and we went to lunch.
                We went to recess after food time, and then, we came back to the classroom to do RTI! When the clock ticked to 1:50, we all came back to our classroom, and we started on this one video that was about our planets. It was really cool. There were planets that I have NEVER even heard of. It was that amazing. Then, once the three minute video ended, we got started on a social studies test. It was long, and hard. But, because we are Mr. Steele’s AWESOME students, we pushed through it and we succeeded. Then, since we had taken 2 HARD tests today, he let us watch a video. Then, when three-thirty rolled around, we packed up and went home or to any where we had to go after school. 

Read and Log 30 minutes,
PC day 2&3