Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 82- Pin Knock Down

Today is the 82nd day of school. We came in and we began morning work. Then, we went onto the computers, and we worked on our elements. Then, we had break. After ten minutes of no learning, we came back to our seats, and we started a new math thing called scale factor. Its where you have to find the length of things. Then, we went to P.E. In P.E., we had to play the pin knock down game, otherwise known as Bowling. So, we played that game, and then we came back to the classroom and we read about the boring expedition of John Wesley Powell. Then, we went to lunch.

After lunch we came to recess, and then, we came back to the class to do RTI. We also read about Ancient China. We only did that for like 10 minutes though Then, we took another reading test. Fun right? Then, we packed up and went home.

Read and Log 30 minutes,
Scale factor
PC Day 9