Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 81-Welcome Back!

                Today is the 81st day of school. We came in all tired because we didn’t really have school last week, so  we were not used to waking up at seven a.m. So, we did morning work, which only some of us had to do because if u were at school last Tuesday, u would of already done the morning work. So, most of us just did the word of the day. Then, we worked on IXL, the math website. Then, once Mr. Steele told us to activate our laptops, we learned about a new project we our doing. The new project is based on what  ever we want it to be based on. We get to write about any subject. Then, when we learned about that, we had break. Then after break, we did math. We worked on estimating and multiplying decimals. Then, we went to music. In music, we wrote letter to Mr. Veilette who spoke at our Martin Luther King assembly. Then, we came back from music and we did more math. Then, we went to lunch

                We came back from lunch, and we did do RTI! Instead we took a test….so I don’t know what is better….no RTI…or a test. So, we took the test, and then we worked on Earth History. We learned more about the Grand Canyon! Then, we packed up and went home.


Read and Log 30 minutes

PC Day  7 and 8

BP3 p.28 question #17-24 and #40-44 BONUS #49