Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 84-The Bully Slam with Mr. B

Today is the 84th day of school. We came in, and we began morning work. This morning, we only had math, and (of course) the daily word. Then, once Mr. Steele or Ms. McCreary checked us off, we logged onto the computers, and we did some more practice lessons on IXL, the math site. Then, when Mr. Steele got our attention, we started working on our power point for our conference next week. Then, we had break. We came back from break, and we worked even more on our power point. Then we went to P.E. In P.E. we played a bowling game where whenever you scored, you had to do something. Then, when gym class ended, we walked in a single file line back up to the classroom to take a math test. Then, we went to lunch.

After our break from the academics, we came back to the classroom to do our usual RTI. Then, when 1:50 rolled around indicating it was time to end RTI, we came back to the classroom and we took a little bit more time on the test, and then we corrected it. When we were finished correcting the math test, we started some Earth History. We only did that for a few minutes though, because then, Mr. B came in, and we talked about the upcoming Bully Slam, and we just talked about bullies in general. Then, we finished up the earth history science social studies thing, and then we packed up and went home.
Read and log 30 minutes,
PC Day 11 & 12