Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 58-The most…SPECIAL music lesson….

                Today is the 58th day of school. We came in, and we did all of our morning work, and the, after we were all checked off, we got on the computers, and we wrote the investigation we have been working on, on the computer. So, once we typed up most/some of the experiments, we had break. Then, we came back to our seats, and we worked MORE on the science. Then, we went to music. I will just let the students tell you guys about music. Let me just say, we LOVE Mrs. Frank. Then, we came back, and we did some probability in math. Then, we went to lunch/recess.
                After recess, we came back in, and we DIDN’T do RTI, because it was Wednesday, so we got out early! YAY! So, we came back in, and we did some more math, and we tried to fit in social studies, but that BARELY happened. Then, we packed up and went home.

Read and Record 30 minutes,
HL p.13 questions #9, 10, 24, 25