Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 56-Probability, likely or not?!

                Today is the 56th day of school. We came in, and we got started immediately on morning work. When we did morning work, we noticed that Mr. Steele had only put up the math, and the word of the day. But, since it meant less work for us, we didn’t say anything, and we did finally begin morning work. After our first morning period of the day, we then got the computers, and some of us finished the Climb or Die questions. Once most of us were towards the end, or we finished, Mr. Steele had us all get our computers, and we did the Characteristics of a Civilization publisher stuff. Then, we had break. After break, we came back to our seats, and we worked more on the science investigations writing. Then, we went to music. After science, we went down to the music room. In music, we played bingo. Then, when we got all settled back into our classroom, we began a new math unit called probability. In probability, Mr. Steele taught us how to understand probability. After math, we went to lunch.

Then, once our time off academics for less than an hour ended, we came back to the classroom and we did some RTI. Then, after RT, we all came back to the classroom, and we did some more math. In THIS math lesson, we continued working on some more Probability. After this, we started some Social Studies. In Social Studies, we looked at artifacts. Then, we packed up and went home.

Read and Log 30 minutes,
HL p.13 questions #1-5, 19, 20
Bonus #31