Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 51-Climb or Die

                Today is the 51st day of school. We came in, and we did some morning work. Then, we read to chapters in our Social Studies book about Religion and Government. Then, we did some Language Arts. In Language Arts, we read ANOTHER story called Climb or Die. Well, nice way to kind of kick off our morning. But, we didn’t get to read it because we have to go to P.E. Bummer, RIGHT?! Anyways…….we got to dribble basketballs in P.E. Then, when we came back up and we did some math. Then, when the bell rang, Mr. Steele told us that we couldn’t go to lunch. And when he said this, we ALL knew that he wasn’t kidding. So, at around 12:30, Mrs. Stairs came down, and we had a big talk about how the sixth graders had lost their privileges for lunch and recess. So, after the BIG talk, we finally got to go to lunch. After lunch came recess. Then, we came back in and we did RTI, and then, we did some math with story problems. Then, we did some science and we worked with graphs. After science, we did Language Arts, and then we went home. GOODBYE!

Read and Log 30 minutes, 
PC Day 20, 
BP2 p.55 #5-10 #30-35