Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 53-Math Review

                Today is the 53rd day of school.  We came in and we got started on morning work right away because Mr. Steele was not in a very good mood because of some students not being able to follow directions and rules. Then, we got on the computers, and we worked on the climb or die questions. Then, after got finished those questions, we had break. After break, we worked on science and writing conclusions. . Then, we went to music. After music, we came back to the place where we learn, and then, we did some math. In math, we worked on dividing. Then, we went to lunch.
                After lunch came recess, and then, we came back and we did some RTI. After RTIU, we all came back to Mr. Steele’s class, and we did some math review for tomorrow’s big test. We did a lot of practice review. Then, we got to either finish the science conclusions, or we got to read climb or die. Then, we packed up, and went home.
Read and Log 30 minutes, AP p.56