Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 54-Three math tests in one day. Thank you!

                Today is the 54th day of school. We came in, and we unpacked and got ready to take the big two day math test. So, we got ready, and when we were ready, teacher passed out the tests. Now, like any test, it was hard at first, but once we got into it, it became second nature. Then, we had break. After break, some of us went on the netbooks, and the rest of us took a reading test because they had trouble on the reading record thingy’s. Then, we got to go to P.E. In P.E., we worked on basketball. When physical education came to an end, we all went back up to the wonderful classroom, and we began science. In science, we worked on writing our own investigation. Then, we went to lunch.
                Then came the beloved recess, and after that, we had to come back and do some math with RTI. After RTI, we all came back to the classroom, and we did some social studies! In social Studies, we took at test. Man, today is the day for tests, but NOT the day for us. Anyways, after we finished the Social Studies tests, we corrected it, and then we took the MATH test! Since Mr. Steele is like the BEST TEACHER EVER! We get to take the other half of the test tomorrow. So, after we did 1 half of the test, we packed up, and we went home!

Read and Log 30 minutes