Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 52-Bullying is NEVER ok.

                Today is the 52nd day of school. We came in, only to find that our seats had been moved AGAIN! So, we sucked it up, and we sat down. Then, once we started our morning work, we had a big talk ABOUT the big talk that we had yesterday. After this, we got to get the laptops and we got to answer questions on the Climb or Die story. Then, we learned how to make graphs in Excel. Then, we had break. After break, we all gloomily came back to our seats, and we then worked more on Excel. After this handy little lesson, we got to go down to the Library. When library finally came to an end, we headed back up to the classroom, and we did some math. In math, we learned how to divide fractions by fractions. Then, we watched a news video about how bullying caused a girl to hang herself. She was only ten years old. This lesson taught us that no matter what age you are, bullying is never ok!
                Then, we all got teary eyed, so we went to lunch, and then, since it is Friday, we got to play Friday Games. In this game session, we got to play Elimination. It was very fun. Then, we came back up to the classroom, and we had RTI, and then, we worked more on dividing fractions by fractions. It was confusing, but we all got it. Then after math, we got to do some Social Studies.  In this history lesson, we learned about other characteristics of a civilization. When Social Studies came to an end, we all packed up, and went home.

Read and Log 30 minutes,