Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 57-Fire Drill Frenzy #2

                Today is the 57th day of school. We all scurried in, ready to do our morning work, and we did! Then, we all got onto the computers once we were all checked off, and we worked more with the Social Studies project with the pictures and the circles and the history stuff! Then once we did some of that, we had break. After break, we came back, and we did some science. In science, we did some more of our investigation writing it out thingy majiger…OH! Right, it’s called writing an investigation! So, then, we went to P.E., in gym, we did some Basketball. It was fun…Then, when we came back, we did some math with more probability. It was fun.

                 Then, we went to lunch. Now, todays recess wasn’t like every other recess. 1 minute before recess ended, we had a fire drill. Now, Mr. Steele had told us before recess, WAYYY before recess. So, we went to the bottom field, and we waited, and we waited, and we waited, until Mrs. Stairs came down and told us we were REALLY bad when we came out! Wow! Now that is what I call a rude awakening! So, we all took a mental note, and we remembered to do better next time we had a fire drill. So, we came back in, and we did about 20 minutes of RTI. Then, we all came back to the class, and we finished those questions from earlier in the day, WAYYYYYY before lunch. It seems like such a long time ago considering we had that fire drill. So, we got crack-a-lacking on math, and then once we finished the math, we started on some Social Studies! In social studies, we wrote sentences on each artifact. After this, we did some Language Arts. In Language Arts, we talked and read about Climbing Mt. Everest. We also talked about diseases and ways to die when you are climbing Mt. Everest! It was very enjoyable!!!!! Then, we packed up and we went home.

Read and Log 30 minutes,
 HL p.13 questions #6-8
Bonus # 21-23