Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 60 - Gee Whiz Everybody Wins!

                Today is the 60th day of school. We came in, and we began something I like to call morning work. It was very interesting, because today, teacher didn’t give us the shape. We just had to figure out what shape it was. But, since he said diameter, we ALL knew that it was a circle. Then, we got onto the computers, and we typed up our data for the science experiments, and we put graphs on it. It was like any other science day…so it was REALLY boring. Then, after we did some science, we had break. Once we heard the bell ring indicating that break was over, we headed back to our seats, and we finished the science thing, and then, we did something new. We learned how to find the area of a circle. Then, we went to Library. In Library, we checked in our books, and we worked more on the project things. Then, we went back up to the classroom. Once back in the classroom, we did some more finding-area-of-a-circle, and then we went to lunch.

                Since today was Friday, December 02, 2011, we got to have a game. So, we played a new game called Fortress something…I can’t really remember the name, so let’s just call it fortress. Since we earned 5 minutes, we got to leave lunch early, and go and play the game in the gym. It was pretty EPIC! Then, we came back, and we did RTI. After RTI, we came back and we did some reading. After this, we got to do some movie time! We watched some social studies thing about writing. When the movie ended, we did a math game named Gee Whiz Everybody Wins! Mr. Steele got very excited about that….anyways, after we played the game, we packed up and we went home. Yay! It has finally been a full week.

Read and Log 30 minutes,
Finish science experiment,
Finish area of a circle project