Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 65-Did you know what lives on YOUR body?

                Today is the 65th day of school. We came in from the cold December morning, ready to learn. So, we did morning work, and then we logged onto the computers, and we typed up the science questions. Then, we had break. After break ended, we all came back to our seats and we did some social studies. In social studies, we read about a new empire. This empire was named Assyria. Then, after social studies came to an end, we went down to the good ole’ library. In library, we had a substitute, so we got to work on our book talks that Ms. Joseph had planned out for us. When 11:50 rolled around, we came back up to the classroom, and we did some math. In math, we worked more once again on probability. In this lesson of probability, we got to take a test! That’s a wonderful way to end our week here at school. Then, once we finished the test, we went to lunch.

                 Since it was game day, we got to play elimination. It was very fun. But once we heard the bell ring, we had to go back up to the classroom. Then, we had RTI. After RTI, we all came back here, and we corrected our test. Then, we got to watch a really weird and gross video about what bugs live on us, and what bugs EAT us! Let’s just say the girls were…very grossed out. Then, we packed up and went home, because it was another beautiful Friday.


Read and Log 30 minutes,