Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 69- The Juanita Sing-Along/choir fieldtrip

                Today is the 69th day of school. We came in, and we started morning work, except, there was none! So, we all read, and then, we did math with Ms. McCreary. After our early session of math, we observed our bacteria homes. Some of us had some really disgusting colonies! After we made our observations in science, we headed down to P.E, and got to play games of basketball. Afterward, we came back to class and worked on some more math. In math we talked about our genetics and how it can be predicted by probability. We each made a chart, and asked people if they had an attached earlobe, dimples, straight hair, or a widow’s peak. It was a bit uncomfortable when people asked, “What does your ear look like?” Anyway, at 12:25 the bell rang and we all went down to lunch.
                After we all got our energy down to a minimum, the bell rang and we all came back in for RTI. After RTI, we worked on some more math. We have had a lot of math today haven’t we? Every kid’s dream; thank you Mr. Steele!! At 2:40 we all headed down to the cafeteria, to watch…THE JUANITA SING-ALONG!!!! The songs included: The Twelve Days of Christmas (which we proudly took part in), and the choir sang, too!
Read and Log 30 minutes,
HL p.62 questionsm#1-2, #13-14 BONUS #15-17