Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 39-HALLOWEEN PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                Today is the 39 day of school, also known as Halloween. So, we had to do all of the usual stuff, and then we got to PART-AYYYY!  But, unfortunately, we still had to get through the day of academics. We all walked in with costumes hand, and then we began morning work. Then, we got on the computer and Mr. Steele told us to look up the meaning Halloween. So we did, but I am not gonna tell you what it means, you have to go and look it up yourself. Ha, and you thought that I was just gonna hand you the answer. WRONG!!!! Anyways, we went onto the computers, and we also got to go on Gimp and work on our adaption projects. Then, we had break. So, for the next ten minutes, we ate and talked. Then, when 10:40 came around, we were all back in our seats ready to do some Language Arts. In Language Arts, we learned about people who had to escape out of their home country, and get to America before people who wanted to kill them found them. Then, we went to music. After music, we came back up to the classroom and we worked on Social Studies. Then, we went to lunch.

                After lunch came recess, and then we came back and did some RTI with the other class. Then,  the time came for all of us to get in our costumes.  IT WAS PARTY TIME!!! So, that is what we did the rest of the day. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!

Homework: Read and Log 30 minutes