Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 35-Peer Reviewing

Today is the 35th day of school. When we heard the bell, we all quietly walked up the stairs, and then we entered the classroom. We did morning work, and then, we began morning work. Well, after we unpacked, of course. So, we did our work, and then, we logged onto the computers, and then, we looked up our grade. Then, we got to either play Lure of the Labyrinth, or, we got to go on gimp and create things. After this, we all peer reviewed our narrative stories, and then, we went to P.E. In gym class, we did flex arm hang, and balancers, and we shot hoops. Then, we came back and we did some science. In science, we talked about seeds.

Then, we went to lunch. After lunch we had recess, and then…well I think you know what we do after recess on full days. That’s right. We did RTI! So, we all happily went to our groups for RTI, and then we did math. After RTI, we came in our own class, and then we worked on more math. In our special math lesson with just OUR class, we did some adding and subtracting fractions. Then, we had to take observations for our science seeds that we “planted” earlier. After we got our observing time, we then went back to our seats and watched a science video on that weird guy that we watched on Friday. After the video, we packed up and went home.


Read and Log 30 minutes,

PC Day 7,

BP2 p.24 questions #4-12 #30-32

Bonus # 48 & 51