Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 37-

                Today is the 37th day of school. The day started like any other day in our class. We were all mingling with the kids from the other class, and then when the bell rang, we said goodbye, and then we came into the awesome classroom that Mr. Steele runs. When we all got situated, the 24 of us all began morning work. After the beloved morning work was finished, we all went to undock the computers and t we worked on our adaption pictures on Gimp. After this, we had break. So, for the next ten minutes, we all talked and ate, and took a break from learning. Hence the word break.  After this ten minutes were over, we all came back to our seats, and began working on peer reviewing with our Narrative Stories.  After this, we had to take another survey on what we wanted for graduation. Unfortunately, we may have to do it with the 5TH GRADERS! I personally don’t think that its fair, but whatever. Anyway, when we all took the survey, we then lined up for P.E. In P.E., we did timed run. Most of us ran for 20 minutes. Others walked the rest of the time. Then, we came back, and we took our last observation for the plants, and then, we read from the Houghton Mifflin reading book.  In this subject that I like to call Language Arts, we learned about judgments and courage. Then…..
We went to lunch. Like usual, we then went to recess afterward. I am kind of getting tired of telling u what we did in our free time. Jeez, I’m kind of acting like you guys just scan this thing. Anyways, we came back from recess, and then we did RTI. After RTI, we all came in and then we did our own math lesson. After math, we did a group project in Social Studies. In this subject, we talked about what we would do if food ran out, and all hope was lost. Then, we read a few paragraphs, and then we packed up and went home. Goodbye!

Read and Log 30 minutes, 
PC Day 9,