Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 36-The Future for Our Generation

Today is the 36th day of school. We all came in ready to do morning work, only to find there was no morning work. Instead, we only had to do the reading word. After we did morning work, we did math and Mr. Steele talked about the future. It was kind of depressing. He told us how there is and will be a lot of competition for jobs and that we need to work hard and stand out. Like I said, it was scary, but not that bad if we stay focused and do the best work we can. Then, we all got onto the computers and we worked with gimp and making our adaptations. Then, it was time to go to music. In music, we kept on watching the movie about List the composer. Then, when we came back, we all did a ten minute science observation. It was very fast. After science, we all got to do some Social Studies. In Social Studies, we moved onto a new chapter called From Caves to City-States. All of a sudden, we heard the bell rang….

So we went to lunch. After lunch, like always, we had recess. WRONG! We had to come back in and serve our 5 minutes because SOMEBODY goofed off during class. Unfortunately, I cannot say who. Even though I wouldn’t anyway, so we served our time, and then we went to actual recess. When the 3rd bell rang, though, we had to come back in, and then we did some MORE Social Studies. In this subject, we learned about the Rise of Sumerian City-States. Then, we packed up or things and went home.


Read and Log 30 minutes,

PC Day 8,

BP2 p.24 questions #14-18 and #41-44

Bonus #40 & 49